I’m sorry did you say twins?

"I'm sorry did you, did you say, errr twins?" Was theย bewildered cry from my husband when the nurse announced the two heartbeats belongs to twins. Five weeks earlier my husband and I had our early reassurance scan which you have when conceiving through IVF and were totally overjoyed to see a teeny heartbeat and a [...]

“Single parents alone together”

"Single parents alone together all for one and one for all!" For those of you that have watched About A Boy you will understand the scene I'm setting, for those of you that haven't you really should its bloody hilarious! This is what I had pictured in my head for my first experience at "Mum [...]

What Future

Walking into the girls room this morning, I'm greeted by cheesy grins off both babies peeking over their cots. They have no idea of the horror that has unfolded in Manchester last night, no idea of how much this affects their future, no idea of how scared I am as their Mother for what their [...]