Cottages, castles and leaky nappies

Cottages, castles and leaky nappies

 Earlier in the year we booked a holiday in a gorgeous little cottage called Little Dragons, a week of UK bliss in the historic Dunster. A family staycation, I envisioned lazy days sitting on the beach while the girls built sand castles, eating fish and chips on the seafront, shopping in quirky independent boutiques. How [...]

Travelling with twins

Don’t do it, seriously don’t it's not worth it your crazy to even think it, do you really need to go to that family wedding in the summer or aunt Mabel's 80th? Seriously don’t do it just become a social recluse and decline all invites until the twins are at least thirteen. I have endured two trips away with the twins and trust me its not pretty, im still receiving counselling (joking)

I’m sorry did you say twins?

"I'm sorry did you, did you say, errr twins?" Was the bewildered cry from my husband when the nurse announced the two heartbeats belongs to twins. Five weeks earlier my husband and I had our early reassurance scan which you have when conceiving through IVF and were totally overjoyed to see a teeny heartbeat and a [...]