Let the egg hunt commence

We made it! This time my body didn’t let me down, that glass of wine didn’t make a difference we were at egg collection. Everything had gone to plan my dosage had been reworked and I had a different plan in place, I reacted really well to it. Scans showed 17 eggs all waiting and ready and I had swelled up like a balloon.

 So let’s get them bad boys out! We arrived for egg collection not really knowing what that process or procedure was, it was something that was really loosely spoke to us about in a brief meeting. But I turned up totally shitting myself so if your worried, its fine your allowed to be worried. I just wasn’t really sure what would happen, would it hurt, would they get eggs, would I be asleep, would I be awake. Now our clinic had told us that most woman sleep through the egg collection wake up and go home. But nope that’s not me. I was given a gown to put on and the nurse put the needle in my hand for the sedation meds and I was good to go, hubby had already been taken down to a separate room where he had the hardest job of all! Performing into a cup on demand! (he always reminds me of how hard it actually was for him). I walked into the treatment room in to what seemed like a bloody audience, an embryologist, the doctor a couple of nurses, it was like a party in this tiny room. I was told to lie on the couch legs in the stirrups fadge out for the world to see as per usual (dignity totally out the window with IVF and pregnancy) and the nurse gave me the sedation meds through my hand. My hubby was bought into the room at this point with a nurse and sat next to me, and held my hand.

 And the rest is pretty much a blur. I remember the doctor explaining what he was going to do and showing us the equipment. He was going to insert a catheter, and using a long wobbly stick thingy (scientific lingo) draw the eggs out, hand them to the embryologist who was stood like a saloon bar tender in behind this little window with shutters, she would shout to say “egg found” or “egg present” something like that and she would shout how many he was able to retrieve. All the way leading up to the process I was told it wont hurt, it’s just uncomfortable, like a smear!

 Well everyone is different and has different pain thresholds and I am told repeatedly that I am in fact a fully fledged wimp. But did it bollocks feel like a smear! It hurt me I was actually in a lot of pain and awake and not one bit drowsy the whole way through the procedure. The nurse had to administer more pain meds through my hand as I was struggling to stay still it was that painful. I must have been a bit drowsy tho because I remember trying to talk and it taking ages to actually get my words out. But I remember a lot of pain. Now don’t panic, you are not meant to have that much pain it turns out I had OHSS and they didn’t realise at this point hence the pain, but that’s another blog. So for you it shouldn’t be that painful.

 I have no recollection of how long I was lay there for and my hubby the total rock that he is stayed by my side the whole time just holding my hand and telling me I was doing great, he really kept me calm. Anyway after god knows how long the embryologist said that he had got as many eggs as he could. He said he could see more eggs and follies that he wanted to drain but he was going to have to leave them because I was in so much pain. I wanted him to continue, the more eggs collected the better our chances but at the same time, pain wise I had hit about my limit. So it was totally the right decision to make. I was then wheeled off into recovery with my husband and left to come round from the sedation.

 After about thirty minutes of recovery the doctor came in and told us he was able to collect thirteen eggs for harvest, that there were more follies with eggs but he wasn’t able to drain them due to me been in so much pain. He informed us that them follies would just naturally drain themselves and be absorbed back into my body.

 Wished us good luck and said the embryologist would phone us daily with updates of our embryos and their progress. Told us that nothing was guaranteed and there was no certainty that they would fertilise to embryos. So all done and finished within about two hours. I was given a biscuit and a cuppa and we were free to go. And we walked out thirteen eggs lighter and a hell of a lot sorer!

 The next day the embryologist phoned to say three embryos had died over night but the rest had started to fertilise, she would phone us daily to update us on the process. We had decided earlier in the process that if our embryos were viable we would try to get to a day five blastocyst. Each day we got that terrifying phone call nervous to see if the had survived the night. But our embryos were all grade one and two meaning they were likely to successfully make it to blastocyst stage. On day three we were told that our embryos were viable and they were going to push them through to-day five blastocyst. This was the big gamble would they all make it through? Or would we lose them all? But we took the gamble.

 On day five we had the final results we had nine embryos survived to blastocyst. Nine from the thirteen collected only nine had survived to blastocyst. But that’s nine potential babies or nine chances at one baby, either way we were super chuffed with the result. It had all been worth it. Now onto the next stage. The transfer.


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