Welcome to the world of IVF

It’s an exclusive members only club you never wanted to be a part of. Soon you will be so immersed in scientific lingo and terminology you will be able to convincingly fool people into believing you’re a brain surgeon. You will learn things and words you never knew and your conversation over the dinner table will be all follies, blastocysts and HCG trigger shots!

But its ok, it can seem crazily overwhelming at the start and I swear I have no idea how I mixed my injections correctly because I confused myself that much and harassed the clinic like some annoying dog begging for attention that god only knows what I injected myself with. And then somewhere it all seems to fall into place. You find your injecting without the ten times of “ok go!….no no no stop I’m not ready” your mixing the solutions and ampoules like a cocktail mixologist in a swanky bar, and the lingo you were totally bamboozled by is now your mother tongue.

So your about to start IVF your about to pump your body full of hormones and become a total crazy woman (trust me that happens) your about to have more things and apparatus shoved up your “lady garden” than….well you get the jist. All in the hope of a positive pregnancy test. You have had statistics, averages and percentages thrown at you like Carol bloody Vorderman and if your anything like me you probably havent listened to them and the small chance that it could go wrong because in there is that tiny glimmer of hope, a tiny chance of you know what “this might bloody work”. Your looking at prams and nurseries and planning everything before you have even taken your first injection, don’t worry I did the same. But sometimes IVF doesn’t work or your cycle is cancelled and it hits you up that face harder than Mike Tyson.

My IVF journey started when my husband and I had been “trying” for a baby for five years in that time I had been diagnosed with grade four endometriosis, had surgery and had also been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I can’t remember when we decided that we needed real help. It’s all a bit of a blur, we just seemed to all of a sudden be in the queue, in the IVF line waiting our turn. My husband was 26 and I was 27 when we started the process and it was a long emotional road.

After tests it was decided we qualified for IVF my husband had “variable sperm quality” and I had issues with ovulation and have never from puberty been able to have a regular menstrual cycle. Our first cycle started really well, injections were fine, follicles were growing perfectly, I had taken two weeks off work to be totally stress free. But then it all went south! My follies were growing too big too quickly, to slow the process the amount I was injecting was reduced and as such they stopped growing all together. Our cycle was abandoned and I was heartbroken.

Our second cycle I was THE most negative person ever I was like Janet Street Porter, in my eyes it wasn’t going to work so why the frigging hell am I putting my body through this again. The cycle was successful we got to egg collection, egg transfer and had the dreaded two-week wait. But then it all went wrong again, I ended up with moderate over hyper stimulation syndrome, fluid on my lungs and was admitted to hospital. The cycled ended in a positive pregnancy test, but I was so ill I couldn’t process the whole thing. But eventually we ended with our most precious two miracle babies.

So join me this week to learn about my story the highs, the lows, the emotion toll, the physical toll, hear my advice and what I wish I had changed. I’m going to talk about injecting and how to overcome that first injection, im going to talk about egg collection, egg transfer, OHSS, lasting the two-week wait and how not to lose your sanity through this crazy journey. Now im most definitely not an expert or a doctor and I can’t give you a baby (sadly) these are just my experiences and my personal tips that worked for me. So take them with a pinch of salt…actually not salt cut that from your diet!


Enjoy reading

Love Nicola x


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of IVF

  1. I agree with you, it’s really not the club you want a membership with. Still, it’s great that it’s there when we need it the most. Looking forward to the next posts, seeing what’s similar and what’s different in our journeys!

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