What Future

Walking into the girls room this morning, I’m greeted by cheesy grins off both babies peeking over their cots. They have no idea of the horror that has unfolded in Manchester last night, no idea of how much this affects their future, no idea of how scared I am as their Mother for what their future holds. Choosing to become a Mother I pledged to provide, guide and fiercely protect my children with all my being, but how can you protect without stopping their freedom. The protective Mother part of me wishes I could wrap my babies in cotton wool and never let them out of my sight, but then what life are they going to lead? I want my girls to have the freedom I enjoyed as a child to play outside until it’s dark, to walk to the park without an adult, but sadly this is not going to be a reality for my girls it has been taken away from them. We now live in an angry world, a world where people carry out atrocities in the name of religion trying to spread fear so we follow their beliefs. It’s scary I genuinely wonder what future my girls have, what world they will be growing up in. And then I feel huge guilt for brining them into this world not knowing what their future will be and how secure their freedom will be. I feel helpless that I can’t change the world to protect them, that I can’t change the world to be a kinder more understanding place. Then I realised that yes I can’t change the world around them, sadly there is evil and evil people but I can change how I raise them. I can change how I teach them and nurture them. I wont allow my daughters to feel fear, to be wary of people because of their religion or how they dress. I will teach them to choose love, choose kindness, chose friendliness and compassion. If I can’t change the world my daughters have come into then I can teach them to see the good in people. The only way we can defeat this evil is to ensure the next generation are kinder, that their evil acts have not tainted our children, that our children have not grown up in fear and have had the strength, power and freedom to live normal happy lives. These evil people want hatred, fear and anger they want to restrict our freedom. Well for my daughters I choose love, hope, freedom and joy. They will never win.


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